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Inishmore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. The Island is 11 miles long and about 3 miles wide and is mostly made of barren limestone rock and small fields which are surrounded by stone walls. The population of the island is about 800.

Inishmore is like outdoor museum with over 50 different monuments of Christian, Pre-Christian and Celtic mythological heritage. There are also several geological wonders on Inishmore including the Wormhole (Poll na bPéist), puffing holes and some of the most spactacular cliff coastline in Europe.

The most famous site of Inishmore is undoubedly Dún Aonghasa - the spectacular triple walled fort built at the edge of an approximately 300 feet high cliff c. 2000 BC.
There are three other similar and impressive forts on Inishmore - Dún Dúchathair (The Black Fort), Dún Eochla and Dún Eoghanachta.

Inishmore was an important centre for early Irish christianity. The remains of ancient churches and monasteries can be found on the island and including Teampall Bheanain which is reputed to be the smallest church in the world, Teampall Chiaráin with fine examples of standing stones and Na Seacht dTeampaill (the Seven Churches) which is the finest example of a monastic settlement on Inishmore.

Inishmore is also a home to thousands of animals and plants. At low tide you can clearly see the seals basking on a shoreline at the Seal Colony.

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